Stage 3

Redesign Planning

Implementing the Redesigned Course

Which Aspects of Your Course Have You Redesigned?

Projects: I managed collaborative assignments and projects in the course that will help students to get a better idea of how the mathematics and science disciplines connect with ‘real world’ applications that are involved in daily life. As many students in this class have undecided majors and are freshmen, this type of education can help them to appreciate why they are learning the pertinent material through real life experiences.  It will help them to feel the importance of math and science as related to everyday life, and perhaps it will narrow their career goals. Also, students will use their knowledge from the Pre-Calculus course and implement it in their research project. It will help to develop greater academic interest and success in mathematics for students and prepare them for STEM.

A collaborative assignment for the course is the implementation of a team project with the combination of current topics based on the course description and SLO. Topics for projects were aligned with Student Learning Outcomes for the course.  Students needed to show algebraic and mathematical thinking skills and apply methods of analytical geometry and trigonometry. They had to perform graphs of a variety of functions through computer software.

Students were expected to cover the same amount of material as a regular course as well as be engaged in the research. The grade for the project was 15% of the overall grade. The final day of the project was one week before the last day of classes. This day was the deadline to turn in the project. The final results from the project were done in the form of a poster. Unfortunately, due to the Thomas fire that happened during the last weeks of classes in our area, students were not able to present their projects in front of class as was planned.

Group discussion: Students are tasked with and encouraged to solve math problems in groups of 3 during the class and write the solution on the board when time permitted.

The Learning Assistant: There were additional sessions with the learning assistant outside of classroom to help students to gain better understanding of their research work.

Adopted Technology?

  • I significantly increased my use of Canvas learning management system. I built surveys, assessments and many other activities on Canvas. I posted supporting videos from YouTube and links to math websites, so students will have quick access to them.
  • Students had review sessions for each exam through Zoom meetings. This was done in addition to weekly maintained office hours. Zoom meetings were highly attended.
  • Students’ completed online homework through XYZ and were able to access Math TV videos.
  • I have used Camtasia to design videos for some topics that were discussed in class. Videos were posted on Canvas.
  • I have used 3D printing to help students to visualize some mathematical ideas.
  • The classroom uses computer/projector and online graphing utilities like Desmos app to visualize graphs.
  • I increased the use of TI 84 Plus calculators during lectures.

Which Professional Development Activities Have you Participated in During Your Course Redesign?

I have participated in several different Professional Development Activities:

  • Quality Matters Training “Applying the QM Rubric”
  • 2017 – 18 PLC Sessions and workshops
  • CRT Online Support Sessions
  • 5-day Course Redesign conference in summer 2017
  • Technology workshops on campus
  • Attended regional conferences to meet with colleagues and get wise ideas from others teaching mathematics

Which Additional Resources Were Needed for the Redesign?

Even though I used the Learning Assistant for all courses that I have redesigned; I still would significantly increase the number of hours that should be completed in pedagogical discussions with the LA and their work load. Also, I sought out and received additional budget support in the purchase of TI – 84 Plus calculators through the Math department and CRT team at our campus.

Syllabus of Redesigned Course